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Capture Leads from Your Website

Connect your website and application to Funnelfly. Move leads into specific pipelines based on whether they entered their email address on the blog, submitted a demo request, scheduled a call, or signed up for a trial.

Each activity is different — you control the messaging the contact receives based on the event taken.

    Capture Leads, Update Contacts, and Increase Conversions

    • Capture leads via email subscriptions, demo requests, and trial sign-ups. Easily connect your forms to your Funnelfly.
    • New contacts are created in Funnelfly. Existing contacts will be updated based on information submitted through the form and events taken on your site via website tracking.
    • Funnelfly will move contacts through your pipeline from Sequence to Sequence. No need to move contacts yourself—Funnelfly will do it automatically.
    • Funnelfly is smart. Contacts are moved from one Sequence into another based on attributes you set, pushing them down your funnel and closer to the sale.

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